Enterprise Wireless Broadband Deployments

The convergence of voice and data on one single platform is allowing enterprises to improve their way of doing business by deploying wireless broadband networks throughout their office building(s), warehouse(s) and/or campus’ to accommodate Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and access to their data networks anytime, anywhere at a very affordable price. True 802 Wireless has the expertise and engineering background to create a solution tailored to its client’s needs and not what the vendor is selling.

Hotspot Networking Solutions
Ideally suited for restaurants, cafés, retail and service-based businesses

The widespread availability of WLAN-enabled laptops and PDA’s is allowing the businessperson and consumer to gain easy, wireless access to the internet just about anywhere at broadband speeds. Users will soon be demanding high speed internet connections in public venues along with their connections at home and the office. Offering wireless broadband internet access in your establishment will not only differentiate your service from the competition and attract new business, but will also generate incremental revenue to your property.

Multi-Dwelling Networking Solutions - Residential and Commercial MDU’s

Up-scale apartment residents tend to want the latest in technologies: they value convenience and mobility. Up-scale residents are generally computer/internet-savvy and are willing to pay a premium for services that allow them to access the internet at high-speeds from anywhere in their apartment or condominium.

Offering there wireless broadband services throughout your apartment building or condominium will differentiate your property and generate a new revenue stream from your tenants.

Apartment dwellers with annual salaries exceeding $40,000 tend to have higher rates of computer usage than the general population (i.e. 60% compared with 51% respectively), and use high-speed access more (59% compared to 42%) according to a 2001 report by the National Multi Housing Council.